Chimney Sweeps


Our Chimney Sweeping and Stove Service is available all year round.

We pride ourselves on the care and attention we take. We will:

  • Leave your house and your stove clean and tidy
  • Replace any missing fire cement in the joint where the stove connects to the stove pipe
  • Provide advice on how to get the best out of your stove and the right wood fuel to use
  • Let you know if we spot anything unsafe or dangerous


Open Fireplace or Stove

1 storey £50
2 storey £55
3 storey £65

1 Storey Sweep and Service Together  £70 + parts, discussed on site

2 Storey Sweep and Service Together  £75 + parts, discussed on site

3 Storey Sweep and Service Together  £85 + parts, discussed on site

Bird Nest Removal

From £65 then £45 per hour

Chimney Camera Inspection

Chimneys and flue liners deteriorate over time. A camera inspection can identify faults and problems as well as checking that the integrity and safety of your chimney is not compromised.

Price: £100

We can sweep your chimney and service your stove. Love your Stove is insured and accredited with HETAS, Sweepsafe and APICS (The Association of Professional Independent Chimney Sweeps), we are also experienced and trained heating engineers, so we can offer advice and tackle any problems you might have with your stove or fireplace.

We specialise in wood burning stoves, whether they are connected to a twinwall flue system, a flexible flue liner or are fitted without either.

And, of course, you can buy the right quality “Ready to Burn” woodfuel for your stove from us at the shop.

Love your Stove sweeping and servicing your chimney and stove, we can supply and fit a range of parts:

For your stove:

  • stove glass and baffle plates
  • fire bricks, fire rope & high-temperature glue
  • Carbon Monoxide alarms
  • heat powered stove fans

For your fireplace:

  • hearths
  • stone fire surrounds
  • mantels

For your chimney:

  • bird cages
  • flue liners
  • twinwall insulated flue systems
  • register and closure plates

To book your chimney sweep and stove service, click here

T: 01453 700211

Stove Service

As well as getting your chimney swept at least annually, stove manufacturers recommend that your stove is checked and serviced each year. This will identify and put right any problems.

At Stove Stoves, we have local sweeping service “Love your Stove”. Daniel is an experienced and accredited sweep and stove installer who can answer any stove questions you may have.

“Love your Stove” will:

  • Clean out the inside of the stove and the glass.
  • Check the stove casing integrity
  • Check the door fit
  • Check for worn, loose or missing fire rope and replace
  • Check any seals on the glass and replace
  • Check the throat plate (aka baffle plate) for damage or distortion
  • Check and if necessary reapply fire cement to stove pipes and flue adaptors
  • Check air controls and clean air channels
  • Check for damaged or cracked fire bricks and replace
  • Check seals around register plate (if a flue liner or twin wall flue system is not fitted)

Stove servicing is usually only carried out when “Love your Stove” sweeps your chimney.

“Love your Stove” carry a range of different size fire ropes and can cut replacement 25mm thick fire bricks to size. There is no charge for fitting, just for parts, which will vary depending on the stove.

To book your chimney sweep and service, click here

T: 01453 700211